Participant Site

To get the most out of your SYEP experience we recommend you login and use the Participant Site. The Participant Site is a website that provides information about your pay, Provider and worksite. It is designed to provide you with valuable information. Login to view your pay information from this year and prior years. Click here to receive information regarding contests and ways to win other funds.

What is the Participant Site?

The Participant Site has been created just for you. You use it to manage your information and pay. It is a secure online tool that can be accessed with a login and password and allows you to manage the valuable information on your file, such as your address, provider details, banking information, hours, pay, W-2 and contest information.

How long is the Participant Site available for?

The Participant Site is available for this and prior SYEP years. It will remain online and available to you after the summer program ends.

Why is a pay stub important?

The Participant Site lets you view and print your pay stubs. Pay stubs tell you exactly how much money you’ve earned on specific dates, and highlight your gross earnings and net earnings. Pay stubs also show how many hours you’ve worked, so it’s important to check that the figures are correct and that you’ve been paid correctly.

Gross to net pay

You will probably hear and see a lot about gross and net pay. Gross pay is the amount of money that you earned before deductions, like taxes. Net pay is the amount of money that you earned less your deductions for taxes. This is also called your take home pay. Your pay stub tells you your gross pay and net pay, so you can view and understand exactly how many hours you worked and are being paid for, along with the gross and net pay.